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I Am

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In the City of Angels, despair and heartache are the daily mail -- delivered with painful regularity whether we want them or not. Through I AM, we join an eclectic cast as they try to untangle themselves from the web of sin. All along the way, they are each joined by a mysterious companion -- ever present with a loving guidance without judgment for their actions. The more they attempt to fix their lives, the deeper they sink into chaos, pain, and loss. In addition, we discover that sin is a matrix connecting even the most remote of strangers to one another. It is at this breaking point when we see the presence of this companion was no accident. He was the ever-loving constant who refused to abandon His people -- even when they abandoned Him.

Title : I Am

Year : 2010

Runtime : 89

Release Dates: 2010-10-01


Actors :

Tomas BoykinasI Am
Jay HindleasLance Vita
John WardasAaron Rossdale
Todd ZeileasTrevor Evans
Stefan HajekasJake Russell
Greg FiskasDr. Ortus
Christinna ChaunceyasAngelica Vita
Gary EdwardasSelani
Amy HollandasAmy Holland
Laura McHenryasEva
Josie GammellasLt. Everett
Clay RandalasSpenser
Rosalie Autumn MillerasLiz

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