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Dangerous Moves

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This unusual Swiss movie was the surprise winner of the 1985 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. The story is set in Geneva in 1983 during the World Chess Championship. The two players are Akiva Liebskind (Michel Piccoli), a 52-year-old Soviet master who comes to the competition with an inflated ego and an ailing heart, and Pavius Fromm (Alexander Arbatt), an unpredictable 35-year-old Soviet dissident who fled to the West five years ago and cannot wait to make Russia look bad.

Title : Dangerous Moves

Year : 1984

Runtime : 110

Release Dates: 1984-04-25


Actors :

Michel PiccoliasAkiva Liebskind
Alexandre ArbattasPavius Fromm
Liv UllmannasMarina Fromm
Leslie CaronasHenia Liebskind
Wojciech PszoniakasLe grand maître Felton - l'équipe de Fromm
Jean-Hugues AngladeasMiller, l'équipe de Fromm
Daniel OlbrychskiasTac-Tac, l'équipe de Liebskind
Hubert Saint-MacaryasFoldes
Michel AumontasStepan Ivanovitch Kerossian - l'équipe de Liebskind
Pierre MichaëlasYachvili
Serge AvedikianasFadenko
Pierre VialasAnton Heller
Bernhard WickiasPühl
Jacques BoudetasStuffli
Benoît RégentasBarabal
Sylvie GranotierasDombert
Albert SimonoasDalcroze
Marcel TassimotasProtazanov
Olivier Beeras
Jean-Paul EydouxasCarsen
Jean-Philippe GuerandasA Guy in the Audience
Piotr Kaminskias
Yaseen Khanas
Constantin Melnikas
Willy NicoidskyasPolotin
Alain Rimouxas
Mathieu SchiffmanasUn ournaliste
Daniel Tixieras
John Van Der Boisas
Emmanuel CohnasKid (uncredited)
Nurith CohnasSpectator (uncredited)

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